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Links to Social Housing and Tenants Related Sites Around the World

The Ultimate World Wide Web Tenants site. So many sites are made by housing organisations who never really consider the information which tenants might actually want from a web site.

On this site we aim to provide links to other groups and information on the laws which affect tenants, information on tenants rights, where to get help, and articles on best practice.

If you have any comments or would like to join world tenant as an editor or author then please contact us.

We're constantly updating the site, so keep checking back.

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Definition: Taken from
ten∑ant (tnnt) n.
One that pays rent to use or occupy land,
a building, or other property owned by another.
A dweller in a place; an occupant.


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As we're based in Manchester in the UK, we have a special Manchester tenants links page
If you'd like to create page of links for your city, or even your country, then please get in touch.

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Collection of Articles and Links to tenants groups around the world.
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Keeping the GroupTogether
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Funding! - some links for funding info!
Getting Started - some useful people and organisations to contact.
Committee Jobs & Encouraging Involvement -
Tenant & Residentsí Associations As
The Basic Organisation For Community Involvement
Starting up a tenants group -some ideas to help you get started. - **New**
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