What are the cons of buying a car online?

Technology has given rise to online shopping and internet facilities. However, the impact of the online selling has also impacted the automobile industry in recent years. The numbers of people buying used cars online are increasing with each passing day. People are busy these days and have little time to go and shop for a used car. It is always better to sit at the coffee shop and navigate through the car details and select the desired one. Well, this sounds nothing less than magical but is that all? Well, certainly not. There are many more things associated with it. It is true that the online used car buying will save your effort and some bucks as well. However, it is always wise to know the other side of the story.

There are many cons associated with the online buying that one should be aware of.


There have many cases that people select one car and what they deliver is different. There is a huge lack of authenticity while purchasing online. There are many cases when the buyer ended up with older version cars and ends up paying a lot more. It is not only with the model or version, the rise of cheating and frauds have also increased in the online used car purchasing. However, the cases in the authentic and reputed used car selling websites are less.

Generalized view

While buying a used car online, you will get a generalized view of the car. It is true that the seller might update some of the photos for the interior and exterior of the cars. However, that is never enough when it comes to car purchasing. You must look into the details to verify the exterior and interior condition of the car.

Performance of the car

Well, the seller may fake you about the performance of the car. The engine of the car may have a lack of capabilities in many aspects. The filters may not be working properly, but the seller never reveals all the details. There have many instances where the buyer needed to put plenty of bucks to take it on the road. It has been seen that the mileage of the car always remains a secret unless you drive it. You miss all these details while buying the car online.

No Expert Reviews

You may call an expert of the car to analyze it for you while buying it from a seller personally. However, experts have no role to play online. Even if you want to check the performance of the car, you have to rely on the claims and quotes of the portal and the seller.

No Test Drive

This is perhaps the worst part while buying online. The test drives reveal the most about the car and you miss that when you buy from online. You actually ended up investing on something that hasn’t even tested.

Technology plays a big role in life and online buying is a gift from it. However, that does not mean that everything has to be bought online especially used cars.